"Ariel Winds seems to defy the physics of sound...They performed with clarity and precision...Their technique flowed like champagne bubbles."

- The Washington Post

"The five comely young women invaded the Auditorium bubbling with smiles and brandishing their instruments like athletic trophies. Each of these young women is a true virtuoso of her instrument. Each plays with the ease of a veteran and the joy of discovery. The entire evening was an experience akin to a buffet of fine desserts. I never had a "sweet tooth" until I heard the Ariel Winds."

- The Oakwood Register

"What extraordinary performances, and what an extraordinary group of women you are! A School arts coordinator called to say that it was "the best show that I have seen in the history of the Musical Introductions Series" and she has been attending these concerts for over a decade! Of course, you each bring your own special gifts to the group, and the collective impact is so powerful. The shows were creative and educational, and you seamlessly and effectively introduced children to many important musical concepts and ideas."

- 92nd Street Y, NYC

"Ariel Winds is sophisticated in the approach to their work, so that students are challenged to think deeply about the repertoire, but are also encouraged to have fun and enjoy the music. One can sense that the ladies of Ariel Winds love music, and enjoy working with and playing for young people. Working with them was not only a pleasure, but the level of professionalism, musicianship and skill that they brought to their work was greatly appreciated by teachers and students."

- New York Philharmonic Education Department

"We couldn't have asked for a nicer, more professional group of artists/educators. We loved the way you handled all ages of students widely varying degress of knowledge and sophistication in a kind and positive way. You have the ability to talk to children and explain music; the willingness to craft interesting and varied program that appeal to students but never talk down to them; and the ability to devise way to get students to listen that are challenging and fun."

- The Bass Hall Education Department, Fort Worth, TX

"I don't have the words to describe just how impressive a performance it was. Technically, they are amazing. Musically, they are amazing. And their confident stage presence and relaxed way of introducing and explaining each of the pieces made it an even more enjoyable concert for the audience."

- Stephenville Empire Tribune

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